The Clove Club – London

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The clove club Is one of the latest openings in the rapidly changing London food scene. Other recent openings have included Bubbledogs Kitchen Table, Koya, Hedone (a restaurant that made it on the Pellegrino top 50-100 list after a little more than a year open) … Continue reading

Den – Tokyo

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We may be lovers of food, but by no means are we experts in Japan’s rich food culture. Despite this lack of knowledge we do have one finely tuned skill and love — researching. For our short two night maiden … Continue reading

Faviken, Jarpen Sweden

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  As someone smart once said, “The journey is the destination” and this expression couldn’t be more appropriate in summing up this snowy swedish adventure to Faviken. “What in the world are you doing all the way out in Jarpen?” … Continue reading

Nerua – Bilbao

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On a recent trip to Bilbao we went to Nerua, a restaurant that everyone said was amazing and a must go. We did a fair amount of research on this place before making the reservation. We read that Josean Martinez … Continue reading

Mina – Bilbao

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I have been looking forward to writing this post for some time now. Our epic 21of 24 course meal went down in the books as one of my favorite experiences on this recent trip to Spain. It gives me great … Continue reading

City Guide: Madrid

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Updated on January 2014 – New additions: Montia, Hotel Orfila, Nakeima, La Buena Vida, Triciclo, La Casa del Carmen, La Candela Removed from the list: Club Allard (closed), La Tasquita de Enfrente (not enough consistent to be recommended), Nikkei 225 … Continue reading

2012 European Review

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2012 was indeed the year of travel! I did my fair share, with trips to Copenhagen, Paris and Spain. The real globe trotter here is Jose. He has covered tremendous amount of ground this year with multiple visits to Belgium, … Continue reading