Eleven Madison Park – New York


I went  with 3 friend visiting NY for lunch. The menu is presented in rows of listing the main ingredients. First row is cold dishes, second warm/hot and final row desserts. FYI I skip the dessert line and select 2 main dishes.

This is probably THE BEST restaurant I have ever been in New York, food is incredible tasting and service is excellent. On top of that add a outstanding wine line ( most of the bottle on the 3 figures range ) and even better cocktails. The lunch menu is actually affordable, 50 something for 3 dishes, plus other 3  amuse bouche.

The amuse bouche, especially the egg dish served in the shell with sturgeon flavor was mind blowing, even my friend that doesn’t like fish really enjoyed.

So after a very hard decision process, I end up ordering, tuna sashimi, turbot and onion. You can even request how do you want it prepare. This makes this place ideal for vegetarians.

This is sure bet in the NY restaurant and definitely, it you are into food and don’t want to destroy your wallet in Per Se, Masa or Daniel, visit this place. Specially for lunch! No wonder why this 2011 year they won a James Beard Award Outstanding Restaurant: Danny Meyer’s Eleven Madison Park (New York), and Pastry chef ( check the chocolate and strawberry desserts )


Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Ave
(at 24th St)
New York, NY 10010
Neighborhood: Flatiron
(212) 889-0905


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