WD-50 – New York

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Jose and I went to WD-50 a few years back. Our experience was good, but it did not match our expectations. We always wanted to give it another shot. A few weeks ago WD-50 started serving a long tasting menu … Continue reading

Contra – NYC

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Contra has been our go-to restaurant in NYC since its opening in september.  The vibe in this tiny well designed restaurant is one that is hard to come by in nyc/brooklyn: it’s laid back, doesn’t take it self too seriously despite … Continue reading

Azurmendi – Bilbao

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Food is a fundamental part of a Spaniards identity, especially those from the North of Spain where the most ancient culinary traditions are the gastronomical societies. Txokos, as they are called in the Vasque country, are food clubs, where groups … Continue reading

2013 Year in Review

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No better time than the end of the year to look back and recap some of our favorite restaurants / dishes & experiences of 2013. It was a busy year indeed. There was a great deal of traveling, we got … Continue reading

Astrid & Gaston – Lima

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A little background… Jose and I were fascinated with Peru and it’s culinary potential so naturally we had to incorporate it as part 2/2 of our honeymoon, first part being Japan. (Japan roundup post and an additional post on Peru … Continue reading

Atera New York

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The Last time we tried Matt Lightner’s food was in the early days of Atera, back in July 2012. The experience was overall memorable: the food strong, the tunes wonderfully eclectic and the service on point. The one criticism was … Continue reading

The Clove Club – London

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The clove club Is one of the latest openings in the rapidly changing London food scene. Other recent openings have included Bubbledogs Kitchen Table, Koya, Hedone (a restaurant that made it on the Pellegrino top 50-100 list after a little more than a year open) … Continue reading

Den – Tokyo

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We may be lovers of food, but by no means are we experts in Japan’s rich food culture. Despite this lack of knowledge we do have one finely tuned skill and love — researching. For our short two night maiden … Continue reading

Faviken, Jarpen Sweden

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  As someone smart once said, “The journey is the destination” and this expression couldn’t be more appropriate in summing up this snowy swedish adventure to Faviken. “What in the world are you doing all the way out in Jarpen?” … Continue reading